Countries Disappointed as RI Stops Sending Off Workers Abroad

Jakarta President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo is planning to stop the shipping of Indonesian workers abroad. The Indonesian government specifically targets those who profess as housemaids. The policy will be implemented and continued to be revised until 2017 when it will become finalized by the Indonesian government.

he Head of The national Agency for Indonesian Labours Placement and Protection (BNP2TKI), Nusron Wahid revealed how the newly- implemented policy left several countries in distraught as many of them found comfort in assigning Indonesian workers in their homes. “Saudi Arabia and the Middle East have shown their disappointment with the news. Taiwan and Hong Kong will also be shocked by the news,” Nusron told, Wednesday (04/03/2015). According to Nusron, the plan to stop the shipping of Indonesian workers abroad (housemaids) will start within the area in Middle East area. The policy will continue in a gradual manner until the year of 2017 and this will be applied to countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau. In return, the Indonesian government will send another group of Indonesian workers who are competent, possess skill workers and evidently qualified. This is because the Indonesian government has planned to train potential Indonesian workers abroad with valuable and relevant working skills that are adapted to international standards. Thus, the workers know how to address issues when they encounter one. “We will focus on one point. That is how to push our workers to be skilled ones so they know how to remain strong when they face any kind of problem,” Nusron continued. For the last decades, Indonesian workers abroad have been managed by many agencies and often the non- governmental ones. This leaves the possibility of them being trained not in accordance to the international standards. That is why many of them are caught up with issues they are unfamiliar with. These workers ought to master the language (at least the basic ones) of the country they are assigned on, they also have to have the skill to do the task, not learning it on the spot. The mistake in the past of sending of workers without having them trained first has caused the country lives. Some of the workers there are now on death row or at least in trouble. Nusron thinks it is time for Indonesia to show that it has workers that are competent, smart and reliable. This starts with training them with the most relevant skills. (Akp/Riz)

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